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We are getting a Baby dragon from Carolina Dragons here in a few days.
He is being shipped with next day fedex, we originally met the company at a local reptile show they are awesome and seem to be very reputable.
The price I was given last night is 200$ Because of his coloring and comes from Tialand Dragons ,this is literally killing me as the tank is 259$
Does this sound right. Every thing for the bearded dragon,and himself is $700


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That sounds like the minimum end of what would be appropriate for a baby. How large is the tank? Did you get both a heat lamp and UVB fluorescent tube light yet? Measuring the temperature from an IR gun (can get at hardware store) or some digital thermometers or thermostat.

There is a sizeable set up cost to getting a dragon.

Babies also need fresh bugs a few times a day and access to fresh vegetables and a water bowl during the day. Eventually, sooner than later, an enclosure that is 4ft long by 2ftx2ft is appropriate size for an adult dragon.

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I'd start the hatchling off in a converted tub . Instant saving will be the price of a kit tank that will contain a lot of unnecessary stuff , sand substrate ( bad ) and a less than adequate UV source and thermometer.

If you have access to an electric soldering iron , you can very easily and quickly ventilate the tub and lid (if you want low airholes in the tub wall and high air holes in the lid). A soldering iron wont crack / split the plastic like a drill bit will.
I start off all my skinks and dragons in 100L to 120L storage tubs with clip on lids and wheels , that I can stack 2 high ).
A 120L tub is good for a bearded dragon for it's first 9 to 12 months.


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Yes, those prices sound about right for what to expect for a breeder baby, shipped, and the tank - but you're not doing one of those premade "bearded dragon kits," are you? You will get a lot of useless extras and inappropriate materials if you do... look up "What to Buy" under "Care Sheets and Articles" on this site for a much better list that will save you time and money in the long run.

Beardies are expensive little pets... setup is only the beginning, and you can expect to be dropping a pretty sizable chunk of change for feeder insects alone in the first few months. Budget at least $100 per month, possibly more - PROBABLY more - because babies will need to eat more protein than salad in their first year.

Good luck!


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Dragons are expensive pets to "do right", and even though my wife and I both have good jobs, we've been loathe to go the breeder route because of the added expense. Craigslist is full of wonderful dragons needing a home and you can save a ton of money. The little guy whose pic is my avatar is a "rescue" from Craigslist. There are plenty of ones out there whose owners can no longer keep them but who have loved and cared for them. IMO, these guys are a great alternative to a breeder dragon unless the goal is to breed them yourself.

As others have mentioned, there are a lot of associated costs, and you'll always want a reserve in case your little buddy gets sick or injured.
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