Price of a basic vet visit?

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Picked up my first beardie this past Saturday from Houstons Repticon a nice 16 inch male, I was just wondering how much a vet visit was? I have 2 leopard geckos one of which I have taken to an exotic animal vet..his basic check up plus a quick injection ran me about $112, any clue as to how much a basic beardie check up would cost?


I am in the Houston area! My non-reptile vet for my dogs recommended another vet as he is very experienced in exotics. He said his prices are 3 times lower than most others in the area. Dr. Larry White is his name, he's at Briarcrest Vet Clinic. My sister took her hedgehog there and had a wonderful experience. I'm sure you could call ahead and ask about pricing. This is not really an area you want to be in at night, so do an afternoon appointment and you'll be fine!


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Another fellow houstonian! Haha..and really? Sounds like a great vet to me! The one I went to was ABC animal and bird clinic in sugarland. I'll give that a try thanks for sharing.

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It's best to get a local recommendation like above! The prices vary pretty wildly around the country. A basic exam at my vet costs $41.79 not including any tests or meds as needed. That is on the low side from what I've seen.


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My vet charges $100 but all rechecks are free. I'm in Canada though so prices are drastically different.

No free healthcare for dragons? haha

Only human get free health care right now.... I could see beardie health care becoming an NDP platform for the next election... Lol

Our cost is $97 plus HST. I have found cheaper at around $70 but I am welling to pay $25 more to get a really good reptile vet.


I wish vet care would catch on with humans to be honest... cause I tell you what, the population of people would dramatically decline.

my GF is a vet tech and to see how cheap people will try to be with their animals vet bills is so sad.
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