Pre treating parasites?

So went to vet and my new bearded dragon had parasites and coccidia, they also told me to switch out the flood light back to a reptile basking bulb even if I have to dim it… a day after first treatment and bulb change and she is doing better already!

They also asked me if I wanted to treat my other 2 to be safe or bring them in for a fecal first..

It got me thinking and I forgot to ask them. With dogs when you have a litter of puppies or get a new one you are suppose to deworm it.. is this a safe practice for dragons? During Quarantine a new dragon and run it through a treatment of dewormer to be safe? Or does it take more out of reptiles then dogs?

Claudiusx Sicko
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Depends what the medicine/parasite being treated is.

Generally, parasite treatment is tough on a dragons system.

Generally, most dragons will have some number of detectable parasites in their system. A healthy dragon's immune system keeps these numbers in check, and leaves them non-symptomatic.

It's only during times of stress, or when husbandry is sub-par where parasites become an issue typically.

TLDR: Don't treat your others unless they are showing negative symptoms of parasite infections.


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