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I heard a big bang and my power went out. I don’t know what happened but firefighters drove by. I have a baby dragon, how can I keep him/her warm? I currently am curled up in my bed with him/her laying on my neck where it’s warm. He/she feels cold to touch and I’m scared. I got a call saying it’ll be back on around 4 pm, and it’s currently 2:30 pm. He/she closed their eyes and is sleeping now.

Update: power came back on. I held him/her in my hand with blankets covering during the power outage. He/she was sleeping and snuggling me. Wide awake and basking now.


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I'm sorry not to have been able to get you a reply sooner to alleviate worries. For short periods of time like an outage the same general thing as night time apply for temps. You don't want them to drop below 65 degrees, in most cases they will simply treat it like night with the heat being of and sleep/nap. Feeling cold to the touch is normal in the circumstance and fine as long as ambient temps remain over 65, being cold blooded they wont generate heat like us so that's why they feel cold when not able to bask. With that said though it was good thinking to provide yourself as a heat source to be safe.


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Body heat is fantastic. I like to keep my young beardie on my chest when I’m just watching TV to keep her nice and warm. You could try filling a Tupperware container with hot water and setting him or her on it as an impromptu heater. I’ve never done that myself and I can’t speak for whether or not that’s good for your bearded dragon, but as long as you keep it a comfortable temperature that won’t burn him or her, it’s probably okay. Good luck with your power situation! Hope this helps :)
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