Potential Respiratory Infection? Reptaid?

Hi! My lovely lizard unfortunately has been acting strange, he hasn’t been eating as much as usual, and he has been gaping a lot, every once and a while he will let a lil cough however it only really happens when he is outside of the tank or around me? (My parents think it may be my perfume? Gonna stop wearing it)

Another thing to note is that my house is incredibly dry and dusty, I’m concerned he may have gotten dust in his throat or something while in my room. His symptoms began a couple days ago with him running around his tank with a black beard and a slight beardie cough. Afterwards I cleaned his tank, he pooped since then, and his symptoms have decreased since then but I still want to be on alert you know.

His humidity in his tank was actually low when the symptoms began but we’ve increased it since then and now it is typically at 30.

He also has little black scales on his beard, which I find very strange, honestly his behavior mostly seems stressed.

He is still very active, his husbandry is good, his tank was due to be cleaned when his symptoms started but it has been cleaned since then. I’ve always struggled trying to get him to eat vegetables or anything besides wax worms or hornworms.

Anyways! I am not able to take him to the vet at the moment, it is incredibly expensive and there are a whole bunch of reasons. But I ordered Reptaid and I wanted to inquire about it! I may go to PetSmart after work to pick up some Benebac for him to take as a probiotic alongside the reptaid. (I know PetSmart sucks but it is the closest pet store that carries benebac I believe.)

Also! My father spoke to a vet technician online and they said he seems fine just try to get him to eat. I definitely am going to try to give him a way more well rounded diet!

But in regards to the Reptaid I just don’t want to accidentally make matters worse, so please give me any advice you have!

I really do care a lot about my boy a lot!

I also cuddled with him earlier and he laid on my ear and I did not hear any abnormalities in his breathing or anything, once again his symptoms are getting better and better but I still want to get the Reptaid just in case!

His cough/ weird breathing also only seems to come up when I stress him out? Like if the dogs come upstairs or if he sees me acting anxious.

He also has kale in his teeth that I cannot get out. (Kale is an occasional thing!)

He has no mucous or anything, I think I probably ****ed up and he may be at the beginning of a potential respiratory infection and I am doing what I can to stop it but I still need advice.

Should I get a nebulizer and colloquial silver? Should I get stuff to examine his poo? Or is just making sure he rests, drinks, eats, keeping his tank clean, his lighting good, etc. + the Reptaid and Benebac a good first step?

(Please don’t say anything like my beardie did that then died the next day blah blah, only helpful advice do not tell me he is doomed, I am doing what I can and I have OCD please do not word anything like that)
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Hi there, he may just have stress induced or chemical induced [ perfume you mentioned ] coughing that can come on when they jump around a lot or just in general with exertion. It's probably nothing since he's active and the symptoms have already decreased. I don't have any experience with Reptaid, the best you can do is look online for as many reviews as you can. Other than that it doesn't sound like he has anything serious going on. As for his teeth you can use a very soft tooth brush, preferably baby sized and try to get in to give a few gentle swipes whenever you're able.

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