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Since we've had a number of video posted recently that can be rather upsetting to many, not to mention potentially disturbing to kids, I've decided to define this policy regarding videos that hold too much "shock" value.

Any videos posted should not show lizards, pinkies, or any other non-insect creature being fed to a bearded dragon.

While I understand that some people do practice feeding pinkies and even smaller lizards to their dragon, these videos are upsetting to many and really do not foster a pleasant environment here, since those discussion threads will turn ugly. The focus of this policy is to maintain a generally pleasant and "family friendly" environment.

Furthermore, videos of any nature (bearded dragons or otherwise) that appear to appeal to the "shock factor", will be considered for immediate removal. NO video posted should contain foul language or anything else not considered "family friendly" (ie. PG13/kid safe).

Violation of this policy from this point forward will result in a single warning where the offender will be informed (or possibly re-informed) of this policy. A repeat violation of this policy will result in being banned.

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