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hi my bearded dragon had follicles removed and spay done on wedsday 3/30 and hasn’t ate since. she was prescribed tramadol and enrofloxacin. i think the antibiotics might be affecting her appetite but i’m not sure. she gives me an extremely hard time when trying to give her medicine/syringe feed. she normally spits out the emeraid (like critical care?) that i give her and hasn’t wanted any of the food i’ve put out daily such as greens, yellow squash, live bugs etc. the vet said i could take her off the antibiotic just to see if her appetite comes back. although i don’t want her to get an infection. her surgical site looks good but the vet said the breathing tube during surgery had blood in it and they think there was some trauma or whatever but they did an xray and didn’t see any permentant damage but we’re giving her the antibiotic as caution. any thoughts? thank you :) (my setup/husbandry is fine)

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Aw, poor girl has had a very rough time. I'd keep up with the meds. maybe just a few days more at the most. She may be very sore not only from the surgery but also the tube must have really irritated something and definitely did some damage. Try offering a bit of watered down Manuka or other unpasteurized honey, it can help heal her upper G.I. and she might like the taste and take it willingly if you drip it on her nose so she laps it up. If she absolutely won't take the meds then don't force it. If the surgery was done right and everything heals she will get her appetite back.
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