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Hi everyone! My girl just laid her third clutch in 3 months. She is doing well, but I want to be sure her hydration and calcium is replenished. I have been giving her repashy on her food but she loves hornworms which I know are full of water and calcium. My question is- how many can I give her? I know they aren't good as a staple feeder, but she needs to replenish her body weight and I don't want to overfeed on hornworms.

Any ideas? She loves her dubia's, too. I just think the hornworms do better to hydrate her.

Thank you!

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Hi there, how is she doing ? I know this is from a month ago so I'm sure you figured out a good regimen. I hope she's doing well !


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AHBD":2uh61sta said:
Hi there, how is she doing ? I know this is from a month ago so I'm sure you figured out a good regimen. I hope she's doing well !

She is doing great! I gave her quite a few hornworms each day for about 3 days after she laid and I think that helped her a lot with hydration. She is back to herself, although her peel is making her miserable. She looks like she forgot some suntan lotion :)

The babies from the second clutch are 1 week old and adorable. We have 1 egg that still looks like it's trying to hatch, so we may have a late bloomer...



AHBD Sicko
She does look to be in great shape and the babies are always a blast. :) To help her shed you can lightly spray her in the tank daily , that gets the shed soft + loosened up.
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