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I have a beardee about 2/3 years old his name is scar. When I received him as a kid he has always had odd skin problems that included growing extra skin on some areas but it never bothered his daily Activities and eating habits. Not too long ago he had a fungal infection and I hd it taken care of around September. They told me to bathe him and spray him with this anti fungi spray and I have as well as bathe him daily or every other day when I feel like I been having him in water long enough. Lately I noticed all the old infected skin is just drying up getting real hard and not shedding off. I have tried bathing him and I don’t want to try and scratch off his skin cause I know that’s not good for the lizard. I would only assist him with hard skin that is easily able to be rubbed off. Any suggestions on what I’m supposed to do to help him out? I would highly appreciate any recommendations.


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I have visited vets and made sure I fixed everything that caused him to have the infection. But it’s been about a month and change and his skin is just drying up and not wanting to peel. He’s been active and will eat and his poops has been solid.

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How long have those areas been on the chest/belly area? You could try getting some silver gel to
put on those areas in combination with the spray on anti-fungal product. What is the spray called,
by name & how often do you use it on him?
Also, are you giving any probiotics too?


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