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Possible Yellow Fungus on Baby?


New member
Just got my new little guy/gal a few days ago. Don’t even know if I have a boy or girl yet as they are about 8-12 weeks old. They’ve just today developed some yellow-ish skin under the mouth/neck area on one side. Also comes along with some shedding for the first time I’ve seen today, though the shedding was more around the extremities and looks completely white/clear.

I have a 20 gallon tank with a 75W basking light and some hideout spots for him/her with more toys on the way, the tank is obviously clean as I haven’t even had him/her a week, and bowel movements have come pretty normally once a day which I’ve removed. He/she has been happy to have crickets thus far and has been super quick to jump after them and is active all day when not basking and loves coming out to hang with me, but then has been sleeping in the hideouts at night. To summarize, energy levels have seemed great and normal during the day and always happy to have any food.

Now I’m just worried as when I had him/her out of the tank earlier I noticed the yellow spot, luckily he/she was wanting to come back out of the tank right after and was standing up on the edge which made it easier to take pictures, but I will say that the contrast of the phone camera makes the area much more yellow/dramatically a different color than the white surrounding in the picture as it is in person. Still, any advice on how to treat or if there seems to be an issue at all/vs. normal shedding or skin color change would be appreciated!



BD.org Sicko
Staff member

It looks like some scales that are going to shed. How long has the area appeared this color?
I think it will be fine. It is hard when the contrasting colors are different when viewed on the
phone than on the computer.
He looks healthy, overall.



BD.org Sicko
Please make sure you have a good UVB no coils please and your getting basking temps w/ a digital probe thermometer -- stick on are inaccurate - it has hard to keep temps in smaller tanks but it can be done -- he needs his basking temps to be 105-110 on his spot where he sits to bask -- and you need a long tube fixture like a Zoo Med 24" - that fixture will go right into the larger tank that your gonna need here in a few months --- the Zoo Med comes w/ a 5.0 bulb that will be perfect for the 20 gallon tank -- look here at this website for the fixture if your pet stores dont have one --- most do not carry this fixture size only the 18" -- and you want a Zoo Med no Zillas or Thrives please


BD.org Sicko
It may just be a spot of shed like Drache613 mentioned but keep an eye on it. To be proactive you can get the smallest tube of antigungal cream like Lamisil and put a tiny dab on every day or 2.
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