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Possible tail rot?

Im new to owning a bearded dragon. I just bought this guy 4 days ago and this is how his tail was when i purchased him. The more research i do about bearded dragons the more im concerned that this could be the start of a tail rot issue. I would just like to know what you think it could be and what steps i should take of it is bad? Thankyou


BD.org Sicko
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I can see the picture if I click on it (shows as a broken thumbnail at first for some reason). It looks like the tail tip is damaged, but the tail is also shedding. I'd keep a close eye on it but wait out the shed and see what the tail looks like afterward. If the damage is contained to the tip of the tail, it may not cause any long term problems. If you see an open wound, or if the damage appears to be moving up the tail, then it is a good idea to have a vet take a look in case of infection.


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Well luckily the breeder is going to take him to the vet and pay the vet bill since they sold him to me that way so i lucked out there. Now just have to wait for good news hopefully. Thankyou for your response.
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