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Possible stuck shed?


Original Poster
Hi guys - noticed this on my beardie’s tail yesterday and was wondering if it is anything to be concerned about? There seems to be a patch which is slimmer than the surrounding area and also greyish in colour, which made me think it might be a patch of stuck shed. I know this can be a problem in terms of circulation especially in the tail so I thought I’d ask for opinions on how much I should worry/what I should do. I gave him a bath yesterday and gently rubbed that patch but it didn’t seem to do anything.


BD.org Sicko
It's not looking serious but you can be proactive by soaking it in a 1 part betadine 10 part water mixture for 10 minutes a day. If your dragon sits with you calmly you can use a cup or jar to put the solution in and just hang the tail in.
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