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Possible seizure, update possible stroke, vet visit, plzhelp

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BD.org Sicko
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Wow, what an ordeal you both have been through!
I am helping someone now with similar symptoms, though her girl has developing follicles.
I also think, that since everything else has come back pretty normal, on blood work, etc he
probably had a stroke too. This has become a somewhat common occurrence for some reason
on here, but, on a good note, a lot of times they do seem to regain most if not all of their body
Since he is much improved, he probably doesn't need pain medications right now. It is too much
stress on him with everything going on, also as you mentioned with moving & all.
Did you decide whether or not you were going to give the antibiotic injection? Which one did
they prescribe? I see no harm in the reptoboost or the liquid calcium, that couldn't hurt. Well,
if he will take it that is.
The Arcadia 12% tube, that is a T8 or a T5 high output tube bulb you are using?

We are all pulling for Basil! I would give him a bit of time to recover. It sounds like he is starting
to feel a little better though. Keep us posted on him.

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