Possible Respiratory Infection - Antibiotics Failed

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Last December I had a rescue come in from a lady who didn't know a dragon head from it's butt she was very skinny with an coccidia overload and bad Respirtory Infection with the use of Bytril and Echinaciea {Herbal} it cleared up but she always has been prone to getting small RI's once in a while usually with a few days of Bytril it would go away. This week she began coughing and making gurgling noises and the Bytril and Echinacea are doing nothing for her dose anyone know of a stronger better Antibiotic I can ask my vet for? My tanks are running an optimum Temperatures and no Humidity issues so I know it has nothing to do with husbandry. I actually am beginning to wonder if what I hear about RI's is true, that sometimes once a dragon has had it they are very prone to getting over and over. If I can't fine something to help her out Im afraid I will have to Uthenize her as I do not believe in letting any pet suffer if there is no other options left she is a very special dragon and is still very young she is only 2 years old.

Age: 2
Gender: Female
Ever Been Bred: Yes
Fertile Eggs: Yes
Past History: Neglected - Came VERY Skinny, Coccidia Overload, and Respiratory Infection - Prone to Minor RI's ever since I got her.
Husbandry: Anal about how clean things are
Housing: As perfect as I can get it Temps are perfect, no sand, proper UVAUVB
Other: Given proper suppliments, bathed twice a week


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its great to see such a giving person!

I dont know much about RI's -- but i know antibiotics can be followed by probiotics to help the dragon recover. The antibiotics strain the Immune system even though they help... and the probiotics can help your BD rally. But, I dont know the name of the probiotic, but I know there is one that is cheap and useful.

How is your BD eating?

Maybe do this if your bd is not eating:

chicken baby food (1 small can)
1 multivitamin
1 banana
1 can of vanilla ensure

and blend it. This is a strong nutritional slurry that you can feed your dragons by syringe.
You can half the serving size if you want to reduce the portion, because its A LOT. Freeze the extra in ice tray and though as necessary.

I did this for my healthy dragon when I she was stressed from travel and not eating, and force fed my AV' dragons it for a week before they past.

You should feed I believe about 2mL-5ml but check on that, per night.


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Hello Nicole,

I know we have been messaging, but please let me know how the Tylan does for her when you get it. Please do separate her from the group to make more of a sterile environment for her.
Try to keep her a little warmer at night, too. Either use a rice sock or a ceramic heat emitter to help her stay a little warmer to boost her immune system.
I would definitely take her off of the Baytril though, it is way too hard on her now. She has been on it too long & it is so harsh on the organs for long periods of time.

Let me know how she is doing.



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ArdorAndZeal1":c3468 said:
I haven't heard great things about Baytril for immune suppressed BDS....

look forward to an update!!!

Baytril lowers immunity as any antibiotic does in even healthy animals let alone immune suppressed ones.

Could this beardie have the Corona Virus? It's a virus the beardies contract but can shed it off after a year or so. It causes respiratory infection symptoms. My female had this as a baby but no longer has it now.


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I agree, Baytril is extremely harsh on the system, especially long term. I have recommended her get Tylan, which is a supplement that is helpful with respiratory issues but not a medication. So it is not harsh on their systems.



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We think the vet gave her too much beytril and her organs where damaged Sorry I didn't update anyone on that it's been a very rough time for me. Tracie helped me with what we could do for Flame but the damage was done I lost Flame this morning.

I honestly don't think I can handle the heart break anymore so I won't be dealing with rescues anymore If I get a call I will gladly come and get it but the dragon will be transfered to another Rescue.

I lost 5 dragons this year 4 where rescues it gets too hard at times...

Rascal : He was rescued from a breeder in WA who didn't care about her animals he died from tumors on his spine

Teyla : Purchased from a breeder in MI, turned out to be a rescue as she had severe MBD and her Liver was failing

Nova: Passed away from an illness tests and vets could not figure out [Only Non Rescue]

Sassy: Rescued after 10 years of neglect she never had a heat light or proper care sadly I was only able to give her two weeks as sever damage had already been done to her Liver and Kidneys.

Flame: Purchased from a private owner, Arrived severly under weight with a coccidia over load and a Respiratory Infection as you know she made it a year with me but not without problems primarily relapses from R.I.'s.

So I'm begging people PLEASE DONT get a Bearded Dragon if you haven't researched the care and under stand that they can live upto 16 years, they need proper care especially with feed, lightning, and suppliments. And also please under stand they can get expensive between all thier needed items and the possibility they may need a vet, I feel they are the best reptile you can have as a pet so don't get me wrong I just want to stop seeing the abuse and neglect that have killed so many.


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Hello Nicole,

I am sorry that Flame passed away. :cry: You have endured quite a few deaths this year. You did everything that you could for her but I honestly feel that her liver & or kidneys were compromised by overmedication. It happens quite often, unfortunately. Those persistent respiratory infections are very hard to combat & treat successfully long term.

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