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Possible parasites? help please!

Hi everyone. My beardie has had some loose stools lately with today being the loosest in awhile. I'm really worried it is parasites. I have been feeding her horn worms lately (2 full size per day) after not having hornworms in a while so could that be the reason instead? She eats her greens but besides eating her horn worms she has slowed down on eating her dubias. This is usual behavior for her when she is about to be ready to shed so I have just been waiting but it doesn't look like she will shed soon so I am starting to get worried. Do I need to take her to the vet for parasites?


BD.org Sicko
That looks good, very well hydrated and almost certainly from the hornworms. I wouldn't worry about that at all unless your dragon is acting sickly.


Hatchling Member
When you say "loose stools" do you mean that she deposits a well formed stool with urate in a puddle of fluid or that her stool itself is watery?
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