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Hey Everyone!

I know there are hundreds of post about brumation. Then again though, every bearded dragon is different just like people :)

Just wanted to see if this sounds like brumation. My pixie girl is a year and 4 months. Her first winter she did not show any signs of brumation since I think she was too young. Her setup is a 55gal tank, 150 watt reptisun heat bulb. and a 10 UVB reptisun bulb.

Every since December 20th-22nd she became increasingly disinterested in food. Up until that point she was actively eating greens and supers. The last time I saw her poop was probably last Friday. She will still eat 4-6 supers every other day, but is not that excited about it. She gets super relaxed when its bed time and falls into a very very heavy sleep. During the day she does bask and walk around her tank and is pretty alert. No droppy eyes. However, if I take her out of her tank she will search for the most cozy spot in the house and pass out.

I do believe she is a more heavy brumation dragon if this it what it is. My question is. Its completely normal for lack of interest in food and to rarely poop?

Thanks guys!


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Sounds like brumation to me! The not eating much will cause the not poooing much :D you lizard is about the right age to go down for it's first one.


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Yep, sounds like brumation. Take her out and record her weight once a week or so and offer some drops of water on her nose so she can have a drink if she wants it. Other than that, just let her do her thing. Eventually she will snap out of it and return to her normal routine. My guy was down for about 3 months and just woke back up like nothing ever happened.


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Is your Reptisun 10.0 UVB light the compact/coil version that is like a regular lightbulb that fits into a dome or clamp lamp, or is it a long (at least 18") fluorescent tube? If it's the compact/coil version then he's not getting adequate UVB or UVA light, and this is most likely the issue. Also, if it's a long, fluorescent tube in a tube fixture, but it's the weaker T8 strength tube and it's sitting on/being obstructed by a mesh lid, or older than 6 months old, then that's probably the issue.

Either of these situations will eventually cause a severe Calcium Deficiency, which in turn will cause MBD. The very first signs of this happening are always their appetite decreasing, them becoming more and more lethargic, and they mimic the signs of Brumation very closely, and are very often written-off as being Brumation, even on this forum. So it's extremely important that we ensure that you're not using either ANY compact or coil UVB bulb, or the T8 strength UVB tube that is on top of the mesh lid to the tank or that is older than 6 months old, because only a 10.0 or higher T8 UVB tube mounted/strapped to the underside of the mesh lid and within at least 6" of the Basking Spot/'Platforum AND no older than 6 months old OR a 10.0 or higher T5 strength UVB tube within at least 11" of the Basking Spot/Platform (T5 UVB tubes that are at least 10% or 10.0 tubes or higher can sit on top of the mesh lid) and no older than 12 months old are adequate for a Bearded Dragon and will keep them from eventually exhibiting these brumation-like symptoms.

If your Reptisun 10.0 UVB light is either the long, T5HO strength tube or is the weaker T8 strength tube that is mounted underneath the mesh lid, and that is within the 6 or 12 month expiration dates, then yes, it probably is either a winter slow-down phase or the start of a light brumation...
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