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So my dear Phoebe has had poor eyesight for what seems like forever really. This results in some struggles when she is eating her live food... she seems fine when getting her salad etc but with bugs she never aims quite right... for the most part, I can predict where she is going to aim and get the bugs in her mouth however, this past week, she has totally missed a few times and ended up locking down on my finger instead of the locusts. Major ouchies!!! I don't know if it's that her eyes have gotten worse or I have just gotten slow!
I feel like she is also crazy hungry as she will stick her tongue out for food when I approach her viv... she was diagnosed with gout years ago and I was advised to limit her locusts to 10 per week.

My main issue is that I travel a lot with work and although my dad is pretty good with the tricks of feeding her, I'm a little concerned that he will get his finger munched on at some point. She is also a favourite with my niece and nephew and although they find it hilarious when she bites me, id hate for them to get scared of her! Any advice on a feeding solution?


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Can you maybe cripple the locusts up enough to put them in the salad as she munched on it ? Or buy a pair of feeding tongs ?


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Feeding tongs make it even more difficult... I had a plastic set snap once while feeding and the metal ones make her ever more excited And she attacks them (same with anything shiny really haha) resulting in no bugs anywhere near her mouth as she's so busy concentrating on the shiny things!!

Thats got me thinking though... it's odd she has perfect aim to grab shiny things- the tongs, my watch, my rings..... but she cant grab a locust.... i feel like maybe shes just messing with me now I've thought of that!!
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