Pooping on you?

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Does anyone else have a problem with their beardie taking a poo while on your leg or your holding them?


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I am sure most of us have been pooped on by our dragons some time or other. Now if yours like to poop on you EVERY time, that could be quite annoying, lol.


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Not just me. But almost every time....
I guess it's better than him NOT pooping. :mrgreen:


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Hey does anyone make Beardie diapers? There could be a big market for that....


happens to me like every other time i hold my little fella lol...i guess i pick him up a lil bit too early...but now i wait until hes dropped a load off before i handle him lol

i thought he hated being held and used it as a defense mechanism lmao


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I just got pooped on for the first time ever on July 1 - I've had Smid! for a year and a half and it's the first time he didn't go in his cage or in the bath. Wasn't too impressed as we were just entering into Banff National Park for our vacation - had to change shorts on the highway!!!


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ha! ha! ha!

Not yet, but I know my day is coming. I try not to hold Luther before his first (biggest) poop which usually comes between 9-11:30 AM. Then I'll hold him pretty confident he wont have to go again until 2-4 ish. The rule is before he can walk around the house he has to have at least 2 poops (then he's safe) ha! ha!

However, the other day he jumped on our couch and walked on my son and pooped part on my son but mostly on the couch and of all times right next to my husband (who doesnt like "the lizard" on the couch to begin with). I only walked away for 2 seconds and he did his damage. They are such little comical things arent they? :D


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Mine about pooped on my computer keyboard... lucky me though I saw her lifting her tail and snagged her, so I took the damage on my hand instead... (hand is easier to clean and remove smell than keyboard by far...)

Other than that though she likes doin her business right by her water dish... probably cuz that's the one place she never really ventures during the day anyway lol.


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My little guy is Hilarious... when I hold him I am usually in my computer desk which is right next to my bed, after this has happened to me 3 times I have realized and acknowledged how he acts when it is going to happen. I usually have him on the front of my shirt or around my neck area or atleast that's where he likes to be... what he always does is that he will start getting anxious and walking and fidgeting slowly toward the computer desk, then walk or run slowly over to the edge of the desk, hop over to the bed and run to the middle of the bed and drop his load there! he thinks he's funny until I put him back in his viv and he starts surfing and scratching the walls of his viv!


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Mine pooped on my hand the second day I had her. Never did it again.


I had to take a picture. :D



Mine seems to poop on me quite frequently and likes to pee on me. I was holding Bowser yesterday and he had wedge himself between my arm and chest and took a little nap. I just let him lay there while i watched tv and didn't really pay attention to what he was doing because I thought he was asleep then suddenly he raised his head looked at me and ran down my to my legs. I was surprised he was so awake then I noticed his present he left on my chest. I changed shirts and still had him out and right after I cleaned everything up he decided he wasnt done :banghead: He is lucky that hes cute.


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Im smart hehe i know the trick to not getting pooped on lol Bathe them in warm water if they havnt pooped that day. They usually poop withen 5 mins then its safe LOL
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