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I never get tired of looking at your babys! Please don't breed your dragons. If you do, your house will be so full of little baby dragons you wouldnt be able to walk! I'm just the same, if I were to breed, I could never let any of them go! I would get so attached from all the time of them being eggs and then cute little baby poopers. I love the pictures of Pookie and Digi holding hands! That is by far my favorite. Buddy is by far the wierdest turtle I have ever seen. He likes you! My softshell would rather eat me if i touched him. And hes BIG now. I hope your doing good and feel free to shoot me a PM sometime! :)


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Hi Gina,

I can't believe I never found this thread before! :roll: Your babies are wonderful! Pookie is a cool character, 8) and Digi, what a sweetie! :love5: Hand holding and kisses! :wink: Pookie had better watch out! :laughing6: Zim is beautiful and I really like Buddy. My very first pets were the little dime store turtles in the palm tree bowl. When I get a turtle again, it will be with much better knowledge and care. It will take me a few days, but I'll work through the whole thread. :study: I can only guess I spent so much time on Rescue before, which I considered a serious duty, that I didn't get to Photo Expressions very often. Since I've been back, I am definitely spending less time on Rescue as it is just too difficult sometimes. :cry: Now, I need to see the day to day joy that our beardies bring, :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: and the day to day lunacy that we beardie slaves create! :headbang: :twisted: :lurk: :roll: :wink: :wave: :love5:

beardie osk

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lizardgrrl":3uslmapu said:
My very first pets were the little dime store turtles in the palm tree bowl.

This is such a familiar statement, I had the same turtle and bowl, with the little hill going to the palm tree????????????? (Does this mean I'm showing my age) :laughing6:


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Gina, it's been a week since you posted pics :shock:
Is everything okay?
How is the little Digi? That goes for Pookster, Buddy and Zim too! :wink:


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Hmm... I'm trying to remember! Has Gina's thread ever been part of a hijacking???? :roll:
If she does not meet our demands soon...
Well, we know what to do... right girls? :twisted: Mwah.. ha.. ha..ha..haa!


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She's usually here by now... :?
Hope all is well.... :roll:
...or maybe she's the hidden one because she doesn't have pic's posted yet???? :idea: :p :lol:

Good Day Gina!
Feel free to include Zim and Buddy in those pic's you'll be posting. :lol:


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New Beardie Rules & Regulations

1) Post pics as soon as new beardie arrives.
2)Post pics everyday for the first three months.
3)There after, pics every week will be fine.
4)If new beardie owner does not comply with the rules, action will be taken!

Consequences of Failing to Comply

1)First warning will be a written notice.

2)If beardie owner still refuses to post pics, then they will receive a verbal notice

3)If both of these attempts fail, then a thread hijacking will occur.

4)If this does not slap the beardie owner into reality...
... then there will be no other alternative but to destroy the computer.

P.S. I hope everything is okay or I will assume the role as the bad guy... again! :roll:


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1) Gina you are now being served with a written warning. Post pic's or we will have to take further action. :wink: :lol:


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Oh my god! Don't have time to get on here for a day and I'm being threatened! Such demanding people :roll:

And no, my thread had never been subjected to a hijack because I'd always complied to the rules . . . unlike some people.
(Can't believe I got my own words used against me)

I'll have new pics to post in a few. Need to download them to PB first. Unfortunately, none of Zim or Buddy.


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Goonie":15imhqh8 said:
And no, my thread had never been subjected to a hijack because I'd always complied to the rules . . . unlike some people.
:shock: What exactly are you insinuating? (and don't you dare say.."If the shoe fits...") :roll:
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