Pooing interval (not concerned) for Peppa and Toothless

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Done some stats on Peppa's and Toothless' pooing interval (days between poos) now they are subadults at about 18 LUNAR months (about 1.5 yrs) old.

Analysed period is from early Nov2016 to today (13Apr2017).



Not overly worried.... just interesting as an indication of Peppa's and Toothless' metabolic rates, based on the averages Toothless has a metabolic rate about 6.12/4.28 = 1.4x faster than Peppa.

I'm not sure how that compares with Rex and Puff at the same age, but know Puff and Rex became very regular (pooing nearly everyday when they were full grown adults).

Been about 6 days since Peppa's last poo so she scored some olive oil yesterday to try to lubricate her plumbing, no real obvious hard lumps in her tummy, no bbing. Not worried, anytime in the next day or 2 will be fine.


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Interesting to see so much hard data, especially side by side like this. Most of my guys (as adults) have gone pretty much once per day (skip a day once in a while, twice a day once in a while) but I haven't kept hard stats, just general observations.


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Created as "bell Curves"


Hypothesis (based on my sample of two dragons, siblings) and yes I know I am falling into a common trap of extrapolating based on VERY LIMITED DATA .... and I know I this is RISKY from a scientific and statistical viewpoint.

Basis :Same diet (almost to the exact insect and bit of green and veg ).

Hypothesis : Peppa has a slower metabolic rate in general than Toothless (who processes his food faster with more wastage, whereas Peppa tends to process her food slower and it seems to become more Peppa (she has grown faster and larger).
Toothless' curve is tighter (as expected based on the StDev and not as skewed from a Normal Bell Curve as Peppa's is too , indicating much more regular motions in his case too.

Interesting , I find myself wondering if this is a consequence of Peppa being female while Toothless is male and much more "highly sprung" and "energetic".


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Been 13 days since Peppa pooed, Toothless has gone to loo 3x since (every 4th day since Peppa's last) , been cutting Peppa back on the solids (crickets and superworms) and giving her 0.3ml of olive oil and 1/2 ml of water orally by syringe every second day for the last week and today after Toothless pooed again .

I decided to draw a line and broke out the big guns, asked my wife to bring home a small bottle of prune juice .... no luck there as she couldn't see prune juice anywhere in the supermarket.
So I got out the old plastic flat bottomed baby bath and put enough luke warm water (34degC) in it to come up to her body fringe and gave Peppa her very first bath since we adopted her.

She seemed to enjoy it's warmth , pancaking, and having warm water splashed over her back, and was soon wading about and scratching her back and sides with her legs, and splashing about (while I was lifting the end nearest her head to ensure she didn't breath in any water) , a bit of a tummy rub and a 10min bath and out came the plug of urates followed by quite a lot of smelly browny green poo ....

Hurrah!!! we have a Peppa poo.

She's been very much more active on the floor after she was given a daddy snuggle wrapped in a towel to dry and warm up and I bet she feels a lot better to have getting rid of her motherload.
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