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Sorry for the obnoxious title, but I am truly concerned. My beardie, Puff, is not eating much. She is very young, though, and I don't know if that is a factor of my concern. (Awful english and spelling sorry).

Also, she does not lioe to use her back legs, sleeps constanly, and even when i pick her up she barely resists me or moves. Does she have a disease, sickness, etc.? Please respond ASAP.


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Sorry to hear your beardie is not doing too well.
It sounds as though your beardie may have an impaction since she is not using her back legs. If you could answer some questions, we may better be able to pinpoint what is going on with her.
How old is your beardie?
What are you feeding her(be specific)?
Are the feeders smaller than the space between your beardie's eyes?
Does she have any loose particle substrate in her viv, such as sand, crushed walnut shells, etc...?
When was the last time she pooped?
Are you bathing her?
What are her temps on basking and coolside?
What type thermometer are you using? digital thermometer w/probe, stick-on type, temp gun?
What type and brand UVB are you using?
Are you supplementing with calcium and multivitamins? How often?

I know it seems like alot of questions, but they are neccessary to find out what is going on.


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She is very young, about 5", eats crickets, and they are all the right size. I bathe her every other day 3+ times a week, she pooped about 3 days ago on her oen, but also I gave her a bath yesterday and she went. I fo not know what type UVB it is, and there is nothing like walnut or sand she could eat. The thermometer is stick-on. I'm scared.


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How big are the crix? You say they are the right size, but how big? where did you get her from? How long have you had her? It sounds like she has ate something too big for her and it's causing impaction. Esp since she's not using her back legs. Are her temps at 98 - 110 for basking so she can properly digest her food? Are you giving her at least 2 hours after her last feeding before lights out?

You can syringe feed her some baby prune food, or olive oil.. and try to get her to pass it. A young beardie that big should definately be pooping everyday, sometimes 2 x a day... so the fact that she hasn't poo'd an a few days is not good.

try a Warmer than usual bath, prune baby food or olive oil..


Okay so I have basically have had the same problem with my bearded dragon. Basically I went to the vet and they said mine had metabolic bone disease and the reason he cannot move his legs is because he doesn't have enough calcium in-between the connection of his legs.

What I strongly recommend is to make sure your beardie has the proper lighting. UVA and UVB! When you buy the lights at the store it should say on the box, if you need help ask, ppl are very helpful. Also make sure you are feeding your beardie calcium and multi vitamins.

I really stress looking into the correct lighting and feeding your beardie the calcium powder.

And if you are very concerned go to the vet! They really helped me with my beardie, they gave me calcium supplements and he had to go in for injections every 3 weeks.

Even if your your beardie doesn't have metabolic
Bone disease go into the vet for a check

I hope everything works out for you!


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How is your beardie doing today? Has she pooped since you last posted? Is she using her back legs at all?
Could you please tell us how big the crickets are that you are feeding her?
It would really help also to know the Brand and Type UVB? Is it a fluorescent tube, compact/coil or MVB? The brand should be stamped on the bulb.

The stick-on type thermometer's are not real accurate and do not get direct basking temps. It would be a good idea to get either a digital thermometer with a long wire and probe end or a temp gun. Walmart carries a digi therm w/probe called AcuRite. It is around $12 and you can find it in the home thermometer section. The temps are extremely important to your beardie's overall health.

If your beardie is suffering from an impaction... as mentioned.. give her frequent bath's(daily). You can try gently massaging her stomach from her armpit downward to her vent. Please be gentle using your fingertips to massage her.
You can also give her some babyfood applesauce or 100% canned pumpkin, mixed with a small drop or two of olive oil. This will help get the impaction moving.

How long has your beardie been acting like this?


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Alright I'll try the olive oil and stuff. I'm now sure it's an impaction as I looked up the symptoms. Ty guys so much, but I still need your help.


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If the olive oil isn't working, try some mineral oil. How big is your beardie? Do you know how many grams it weighs? Depending on the weight will depend on how much mineral oil to give it. Mineral oil is a safe and gental laxative, and I have used it on my beardie also to help him when he didn't go for 3 weeks... You need to help him pass this impaction. Give him the mineral oil tonight, it takes about 8 hours to take effect, and give him a warm bath in the morning first thing... If this doesn't work, I would definately schedule a vet appointment.


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Hello again! How is your beardie doing today?
Were you able to give her any of the suggested babyfoods/oils? Did she poop?
I also wanted to mention.. do not feed her any solids, such as crickets, until you can get her to poop. You don't want to make the impaction worse.
If it is indeed an impaction, it is bad enough that it is putting pressure on her spine. This is why her back legs are not working at the moment.
Keep up with the warm baths and massaging of her belly as well.

Please let us know how she is doing?


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Hey guys,

I'm very sorry for not posting in a while, so...yeah. Anyway, Puff is totally O.K. I checked her cage the other day and there was a very large defecate in it. I massaged her belly gently and was very relieved to find there was no pressure. Thank you for your help!
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