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please help

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Hi there,
I am an iguana owner and have done iguana rescue for years. Iguanas are considered an exotic pet because they have so many needs. I can not begin to tell you how many iguanas that I have seen that have suffered because they did not receive the proper care. I am glad that you are asking quesions regarding iguana care.

I would suggest that you join the green iguana website. I am also a member on that site and people are really friendly and helpful. My little :) iguana girl is three and a half feet long and still growing. (I had a 22 pound iguana many years ago) We actually have a room in the home devoted to her because of her big size and her desire to explore her environment. I will tell you that if you do not socialize iguanas by handling them and treating them kindly, they can be dangerous and aggressive. They grow rapidly and if not properly nurished can develop metabolic bone disease. It is so sad when an owner is negligent and does not feed them properly... I have seen iguanas that are paralyzed because their bones do not receive the calcium or nutrients they need.

Go to the green iguana website and you will be amazed at all of the guidance that you will receive. Iguanas are fun pets but they are really time intensive in regard to food requirements, lighting, humidity, cage, size, socialization etc.

Good luck :)
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