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I have an urgent issue! My beardie (6 months old) has been absolutely fine right up until today.

As of today he has sat in his log (like a cave) which he has always liked, but is completely unresponsive. He is breathing very shallowly but does not move of his own accord at all. Whole cage was cleaned a couple of weeks ago and he has been regularly pooping (last one was yesterday evening).

Temperature in the tank is as normal.

Please help!


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No sand. He's on repti carpet. No change to the tank at all apart from that we removed the backing at the weekend - nothing added.


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Panic over - turns out that she (yep, it turns out he's a she!) is brumating. I've never seen that before. It's scary!

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Where are you located, Australia?
Most of the dragons here in the northern hemisphere should not be brumating quite yet.
If you need to go over your tank setup with us, we can make sure that it is not husbandry related.



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I'm in the UK. Took her into the shop that I bought her from and they checked her out. She's been absolutely fine since then.

In terms of the setup, I have:

4 x 2 foot tank
3 foot Repti Sun 10W UVB light
Heating light (temps approx 105F in basking spot and 85F in cooler side)
Large log with basking spot
Rocks for climbing

I monitor the temperature regularly. No changes have been made in the tank (apart from removing the backing at the weekend due to a few crickets living behind it!). Everything in the tank was cleaned a couple of weeks ago with a phenol free cleaner.

She's been eating totally normally and all physical functions have also been normal!

She's also been normal since she got back from the shop yesterday too!

Does anyone know what could have caused this? And more importantly, what actions should I take (if any) if this happens again?!

Thanks, Bob.

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Hi Bob....beardies puzzle us with strange behavior at times. Any disturbance in their set-up can elicit a " relocation stress" type other words, just removing the backing could have caused some insecurity and him feeling the need to hide. In the wild, [ and in captivity] dragons may go in to a brumation type phase of inactivity due to harsh weather conditions, lack of food, etc. Even in your own home, a beardie put in to a new tank can behave in that way. I've seen it many times. It's generally nothing to worry about. You might want to keep the cool side a few degrees cooler just in case there is even a slight chance of discomfort at 85 F. Glad that it turned out O.K, I'm sure he is just fine. If he hides too often, I would remove the cave.
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