Please help. Unknown parasite possibly.


Hi all, so after overcoming coccidia for the second time, I had a fecal done on Monday just to double check. They found something they said looked like round worm but isn’t big enough to be round worm and they are unsure what it could be. She’s still eating, still pooping (mixture between solid and watery) and temps are perfect with a tube UVB. They also said there was something that looked similar to coccidia but was a little “blown out” so they didn’t know if it was just the remains of dead coccidia. If you have any idea what this could be please help! They couldn’t find anything in the parasite index or whatever it is lol. Thank you!

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If it doesn't seem to be affecting him, my instinct would say to wait it out for a while. Might be good to have another check done in a few months (sooner if he starts to act lethargic or lose weight etc.). Whatever it is may clear his system on its own without intervention or be manageable.

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