PLEASE HELP My Beardie ate a sandwich baggy!!!

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Sorry to hear this has happened! I can tell you love your girl! With that being said I would still take her to the vet before it becomes a bigger health issue :( At that point it might be too late and you'll feel even more guilty if it's fatal :(


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I had just begun to think for sure that Zeussy didn't eat the plastic baggy because she showed no changes in appetite, digestive schedule, behavior.

Lo and behold, today she did her usual ritual of jumping on the lawn, eating a couple of her favorite weeds (dandelion greens), and then she had her normal afternoon duties.


I could not believe my eyes! I noticed her stool was a lot larger than usual, and when i went to pick it up off the grass i noticed it was no normal poop. It was in fact the entire sandwich baggy encompassed in her stool, neatly wadded into a cylindrical shape.

She didn't really struggle much to get it out, but boy i could tell she was happy that was out of her tummy.

It has been nearly two months since she ate it!! The poor thing.

I have been feeding her soft food (A mix of Oxbow Critical and Carnivor care) with the occasional few crickets once a week. The first week i thought she ate the baggy i gave her about a half a teaspoon of olive oil before any food.

She passed stool every day since then like clockwork and showed no signs of distress, so that was very odd seeing as she had that in her tummy the whole time.

Well, in closing i am very happy she passed the baggy and i hope this doesn't happen to anyone else but if it does i recommend a soft wet diet with olive oil to start.

Sorry for the gross pictures i just wanted everyone to see the result of this incident and also if anybody didn't believe :wink:

[url=][img][/img]Uploaded with

[url=][img][/img]Uploaded with[/url]


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that is amazing. thank you for posting. that is one for the records.......

i swallowed a nickel as a child. i remember having a full X-ray. the doc told my parents to just wait.
and they did.... and watched. and then one day
well, you know the rest!

good job, to you both! :)

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That is amazing! I had thought she hadn't eaten it somehow. So glad it came out and that she is fine!
Thanks for letting us know. :D


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Thanks guys, yah it must have been so unimaginably uncomfortable for her those past two months but its out!!! haha

Heres a couple shots of her now, first was a little while after her ordeal she was chilling getting some sun on the deck. The second is her new favorite spot on the window sill in the living room. She loves looking out the window for hours with Athena (my other beardie not in the pic) and now she learned she can just fit on the sill so she can catch the last rays of sun.

[URL=][img][/img]Uploaded with[/url]

[URL=][img][/img]Uploaded with[/url]


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that is amazing just for reference how big is she how long is she and what does she weigh...without the bag of course
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