Some of you guys might remember me. I made this alt today. So, Waffle got scared when we were playing, and he flipped off my hand, onto the chair, and then flipped to the ground, and ran under the bed. He calmed down a bit and is letting me get closer, but I think he's stuck, I have a bed with pull-out drawers, and I think his leg is stuck under it, how to help him without hurting him? And if he's not stuck, how to coax him from under the bed, I don't want him to get hurt/cold. I have a giant dog carrier for him with a top for him to calm down in if I do get him out. Please help!!!!!!!!!! Edit: He's letting me gently touch and feed him, but I am now sure that he's a bit stuck, he's too scared to move, and I feel like if I softly push his leg down, but I'm worried that it will scare him, and he will try to run away and hurt himself. Edit 2: OK, so when I was trying to just calm him down (he's very very dark right now and he's usually bright orange and yellow) and then he scooted back! Tiny victory for me! Because I know he's not super stuck I keep putting off trying to help him because I'm worried he will bite me. Also, I have no idea what to do, because ever since I got him, he's been really friendly (when I had been holding him before I got him he climbed onto my shoulder too), and this is just really out of the ordinary
Edit 3: YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYYAYAY! My sister helped get him out! (Nearly damaging his leg in the process, I had to yell "STOP!" because she started moving the whole bed, with his leg still under the drawer,) I'm going to put covers near under the bed so that he can't get under it anymore! He's letting me be affectionate again, and he's still a bit scared, he's not his regular self, he's not energetic, but he's letting me pick him up.
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Do you have someone there to help you? If so maybe one can pick the bed up a little while the other gets him out.

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