PLEASE HELP - Dead back leg?!?!

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Hey I need advice urgently!!
Basically a few weeks ago my dragons back right leg looked like the shedding process did not work properly...the skin went all tight around the lower part of the leg causing the foot to become almost as if it was pumped up. I bathed him and used shed ease to try and help the process. Now this has happened before and when I took him to the vets they said it was just the shed that had worked so carry on bathing him to help. I thought this was the same thing happening again.... Until I came to feed him in the morning and the leg looks like it had died. The foot has completely deflated and gone all dried out, and has turned black and hard... almost as if it could snap off. I don't know what to do, he does not seem to be in any pain and he can still move around and the top part of the leg is OK, its almost as if its like from his knee down. He has gone off his food though the last few days and I cant get him to eat. Does any one have any ideas what I can do.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


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I would take him back to the vets as soon as you can. I'm no expert and I haven't seen his leg, but if his leg has died then the vet would need to amputate the dead tissue before it becomes infected. I'd imagine he'd need some antibiotics as well. Very sorry to hear :(


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Thank you for your reply :)
I think the vets is the answer unfortunately. Have you heard of this sort of thing before? :(


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In poor quality pet shops I've seen baby ones with limbs like how you've described, but not an adult one. If he has lost he's leg I'm very sorry to hear :-( it must've been a shock when you noticed it. My beardie died of cancer this week, its not a good time for beardies at the moment :-(
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