Placement of plants and what kind of substrate for them?

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I want to put live plants in my dragons enclosure. I was wondering what kind of dirt or substrate to use for the plants? I have reservations on what I will put in my pets enclosures. Any advice would be very helpful.


Don't use substrate. Critter-carpet, paper towels, etc. Are the best things to use, nothing loose. For plants, keep them in little pots, cups, containers and water them or mist them when needed.


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I wonder if you could just keep them in pots w/ dirt (not the dirt with fertilizer in it, just in case), and cover the dirt so the dragon couldn't get into it? Kinda like how we put tinfoil around the tops of some of our houseplants' pots to keep the cats from digging in the dirt and tracking it everywhere lol :p
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