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I will be posting new pictures of the girls here from time to time instead of creating a new thread all the time.


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I had some adorable pictures of the dragons posing with pumpkins,unfortunately,my computer went berzerk(?) and I had to have it reprogrammed thus losing all of my pictures. If I have any of them on disc I'll post them soon,if not I'll have to tkae new pics soon and post them.


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Oh Sara, I just went through the same thing only I lost all my programs also. My computer wouldn't open at all so I took it to my future son in law who works for Symatac and he got it back to working but for some reason all my programs disappeared. It's taken me over a week to get my programs back but lost two programs and I did have my pictures backed up because my last computer fried and I lost all my pictures up to 2004. :banghead:

Hopefully, you have them on a CD or DVD.

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That's it I'm going out to get some more CD's and back my stuff up.
Sorry to hear about the both of you loosing your stuff that truely sucks!

But glad that you both were able to get it dealt with and are back online here now. :D

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Barbara, I got an external hard drive for very cheap when Circuit City went out of business. That's been a life saver since I just more-or-less lost my computer. The other thing that I *should* do is make a set of CDs to keep at someone else's house in case (heaven forbid) we were to have a fire.


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Unfortunately I had been VERY lazy and didn't have a disc for my pictures. The guy who reprogrammed my computer copied them for me though and will keep the disc until I can come up with $25 or if not I've lost them all. Now when I put pics on the computer I'll have to name them and put them on disc then or I'll end up losing more.I have some new pics I need to get uploaded to the computer,Alf and Gimli both had out of viv time today,Gimli's first since coming home(as far as playing on the floor) because I wanted him to adjust first.
His beard is turning orange!!!!!!!!!!! I noticed it when I had him out of his viv today,it has been white,but now I can see several places where orange is starting to show through.He's gonna be even more handsome when he is fully ornage bearded.
I am really glad to have my computer back I was having major withdrawals,I couldn't talk to my friends or keep up with their babies,I don't know what I would do if I lost my computer fully and it couldn't be fixed. I have met some truly wonderful people since I joined this forum.


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I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post pics but here are a couple that i just love.
I know,silly me,but I love my Gimli vampire and Alf witch.


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I am working on ideas for Christmas. If I can find it now,they have a webkins santa outfit I want for Gimli,if not I'll make hats. If it wasn't so cold I would take them for pet pictures with Santa. Our local animal rescue is doing pet pictures with Santa this Saturday,but I won't take them because I'm helping and It is gonna be cold if not snowing.But yeah it's Christmas picture time.
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