Pics of My New Cuban Rock Iggy

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This is the cuban rock iguana that I picked up a few weeks ago at the last White Plains reptile expo. I can't seem to get a pic of him when he isn't about to shed but I hope you enjoy anyway.






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Twobeardieguy":86725 said:
Very pretty! How is the attitude?

He is very skiddish but when he finally calms down and realizes that I am not going to eat him or hurt him, he is really cool. He climbs all over me. The only thing is that we have to play this game of reintroducing ourselves every time as he has a bad short-term memory hahah.
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Clapton is acclimating okay I think. He's quick as lightning so I'm not sure how much I should bring him out of his house yet. He's not at all interested in his salad though. I wonder if I should change what I'm giving him. Least he's eating his crickets.

Things to do:
Buy calcium powder
Material to raise surface for basking spot
Scenery decals for back of tank
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Hi everyone, I have a question please. I have a thick branch I got from outside. It has been in freezing temperatures so I know that it is insect free. I took it off the ground and sat it up during a night we got down to 15 so the entire thing would freeze. Well tonight I put white vinegar all over it too cleanse it since it won't fit in my oven. Do I need to rinse with water tomorrow or is it fine left alone dried?

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