Phoenix's Thread 4/10 SHED PICTURES!

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Hey all! I've decided to give phoenix, my almost 11 month old, his own thread! Here are his bathtime pictures!

Question of the day: Does he look small for his age?

Fine, I'll smile...

Last one! And I mean it!

FINE, Take another picture...

(Does he look little in this picture? He's almost up to 15 inches when i roughly measured, meaning it was a little difficult to get exact.)

BTW, you may be able to notice this, but he's currently about to shed. so his colors aren't as vibrant as they normally are. When he goes through his shed, i'll post pictures of the end result. ;)


I could imagine! We left for a day and half once and left Samson with my dad (he lives with us) but he doesn't get the whole cricket thing. I think he is scared of the crickets so I left him supers and veggies. I wasn't gone that long but Samson was happy to get his crickets when we got back. In a couple of weeks we will be going away for a day and half again and my dad will have to take care of Samson again. Maybe he will get used to the crickets...not! He also has to take care of 2 guinea pigs and our dog. My poor dad!! I guess that what he gets for living in this zoo of ours :)
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