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Hey guys. I know it's been a LONG time since I posted a Phira story. I don't even know if any of you even still check this website. I lost Phira on the 22nd of December to Liver Failure. He was Five. His last moments were with me snuggling on my chest. In his memory I'm going to share with you Phira's last story and his last adventure.

Phira: Hooman! Hooman! Where are we going Hooman!
Me: We're going to work. My boss is going to let bring you because he is awesome... and I lied to him. Said you were sick and needed to be watched.
Phira: I is sick! I is so sick I has to go to work! Muahahahahahahaha! Take me to work Hooman!
Me: Okay, lets get in your Dragon Cave.
Phira: No. I ride on your shoulder like always.
Me: It's a long drive. You'll freak out. ::Tries to put Phira in Dragon Cave::
Phira: No! :::Super Fast Super Strong Dragon mode activated!::: ::Struggles:: Wow Hooman you're super strong. But not Eh strong eh enoungh! ::Gets free runs up to shoulder::
Me: K. But you're going to freak out.
Phira: I am Lord Saphira Adonis of the house of Minimum! Eater of Crickets, Climber of Curtains, Rider of Poodles, Crusher of Chips, Great explore of the house (new) Heir to the Dragon Kingdom Down Under (Just added) And Breaker of his Hoomans Heart. I do not freak out.
(10 minutes later)
Phira: Aahhahhahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa! It's gonna eat me!!!!!! Ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Me: It's a highway sign.
Phira: HOOMAN!!!! HALP ME!
Me. Oh My God! ::pulls over::
Phira: I... I'm not scared.
Me: No of course not. You're the scarest, Bravest Dragon I've ever met.
Phira: Dat is right! I is scary. ::Hooman gives Beard Kisses::
Me: Wanna Go in your Dragon Cave.
Phira: ... ... ... Maybe yes. Yes. I do.
Me: So brave Mr. Lizurd.
Phira: I know right!

Do to restrictions and COVID Phira Suffered for almost a week. Being from Colorado I used CBD to help ease his pain. The Vet gave me some proper pain meds until I could take him in to get his Dragon wings. Phira's Body died on December 22nd, 2020 at 4:14 PM. The Phira I knew and loved Died December 19th when he was nothing more than a Zombie. A shell of who he was. However, 10 minutes before his time came I was holding him singing my non sense songs that I always sang to him and he opened his eyes and looked at me and then licked my hand... If you haven't read my Phira stories please do. I'm asking people who can, to Donate to the Bearded Dragon Foundation in Phira's name with the hashtag #Fortheloveofourdragons. Remember him well. I have to go cry now.


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I am so sorry for your loss Dave!!!

Through your stories of Phira's adventures, I also became attached to him in a way. He will be missed by many who read his stories. He was a GREAT DRAGON!!!


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For those that have not read these stories, you need to find them on here and, enjoy his legacy.

Here is one of my favorites......

Saphira vs The Vet (long)
Postby Minimum3 » Fri Nov 11, 2016 8:15 am


The Hooman talked to him as the Blue Monster (The Car) roared around the world with such speed that Saphira was concerned for his safety. He gripped to his Hooman's shoulder tightly. Lowering his head and embarrassingly turning darker in color. The little thing that the Hooman kept looking at had weird Hooman speak, it said "20mph."
"You're such a good Lizard. I know you don't like going for rides yet, but you will. When I get you a leash I'll let you run around the park when it gets warmer out. You'll have to get use to that too."
Saphira looked over at him and licked his ear. Showing affection.
"I love you too Dragon. Op! Here we are!"
Saphira noticed that his Hooman was moving and pushing and doing all kinds of things. Suddenly the Blue Monster seemed to fall asleep. His Hooman noticed the change in Saphira and looked over at him and smiled.
"See you silly Dragon. I got this taken care of."
Saphira held on again as his Hooman climbed out of the belly of the Blue Monster. The Dragon had been quite the whole time, not speaking, simply observing. (because you know our Dragons talk to us. Don't read this like I'm crazy! You know darn good and well your dragons speak to you!)
This Hooman pulled open a large wooden door and new smells filled his nose. It kind of smelled like the Poodle only... not.
"What is this place Hooman?"
"It's the Vets."
"I don't like it." Saphira said as he backed up from his Hoomans shoulder and crawled laying flat behind his Hoomans neck.
"How are you suppose to be a fearless fire breathing bearded dragon?"
"I never said I was fearless. I said I was scary. There is a difference Hooman."
"My Bad."
At this point another Hooman walked out and Saphira hid farther under his Hoomans collar.
"Hi, how can I help you today?"
"I just want to get a check up for my Bearded Dragon."
Saphira lifted his head.
"What's a check up?" His Hooman didn't respond.
"Your what?" The other Hooman asked.
"This." Saphiras Hooman turned around. Saphira was hanging off his back and turned his head to look at the other Hooman. It was a Girl Hooman.
"Heeeello." Saphira said as he coward down from the other Girly Hooman.
"Oh my goodness!" The Girly Hooman said shocked.
"What?! You've never seen a Fire Breathing Dragon before?"
His hooman chuckled a bit and turned back around.
"Don't worry he doesn't breath fire."
"LIAR!" Saphira said as he crawled up the Hooman shoulders just enough to look at the Girly Hooman.
The Girly Hooman started to play a game on the light up box thing that always had moving stuff that Saphira tried to eat. The Hooman called it a Computer. Saphira called it Frustrating.
His Hoomans hair was close by so his stuck the tip of his face in it. He liked hair. It tickled.
"Stop it." The hooman said as he moved his head away.
"Hey! Get back here!" Phira said as he moved closer again.
"Dang it Phira!" The Hooman said as he moved his head again.
Saphira lifted up his claw and placed his on his Hoomans ear and gripped pulling it ever so gently. His Hooman "Ow ow owed" in protest, but the effect was the same. Suddenly his face was covered in Hooman hair. His Hooman moved his claw away, but it didn't matter.
"Sorry. He is kind of needy."
The Girly Hooman didn't respond.
"He is talking to you!" Saphira said as he turned his head away from hair. "Excuse me! My Hooman has addressed you Vet Servant."
"Dr. O will be with you shortly.
The Hooman walked over and sat down and the bench that has a large grouping of fake plants.
"I wanna climb on those." Saphira said as he started to release his grip on the Hoomans shirt.
"No. Maybe after the Vet checks you out she'll let you play." The Hooman said quietly as he looked over a magazine. The Girly Hooman looked at him funny.
"I do what I wants!" Saphira launched from his Hoomans shoulder and landed among the large plastic pedals. They bounced with the sudden weight and the Lizard seemed to delight in the up and down motion. "Woah Woah Woah! Hee hee hee" he would giggle as the leaves moved.
"Damnit it Phira!" The Hooman said as he scooped him up. If you don't knock it off I'm putting you in your Mobile Dragon Cave." The Hooman placed Saphira back on his shoulder and moved away from the plants.
"I'm terribly sorry about that."
The Girly Hooman just smiled.
Saphira sat pouting as a small child would. His Hooman and never yelled at him like that before and it was knew to him. So he sat unmoving. His Hooman tried to make it up to him by playing his face on the his back but it didn't help. His feelings were hurt. That's when another Girly Hooman emerged. His Hooman stood and grabbed her hand. They spoke Hooman Speak. She then turned her attention to Saphira. This did not make him happy as he laid down and flattened out on his Hoomans shoulder.
"Oh come on. I'm not that scary."
"Yes you are." Saphira said. His Hooman giggled but didn't respond.
"Can I hold you?"
"Oh come on it won't be that bad." The Dr Said as she started to remove Saphira's claws from his Hoomans shirt.
"No, HOOMAN! HOOMAN! HELP ME!" Saphira was dragged from his Hoomans shoulder struggling desperately to get back. "NO! I PROMISE I WON'T JUMP ON FAKE PLANTS AGAIN! HELP ME PLEASE HOOMAN! YOU PROMOMISED YOU'D PROTECT ME! HOOMAN PLEASE!"
But His Hooman didn't. He just went into another room and the other Girly Hooman took him in to a strange different room.
Saphira froze unmoving as this Girly Hooman looked him over. It seemed like it took forever. It was going to be a painful end, he knew it, but suddenly...
"HOOMAN!!!!" His Hooman came through the door and Saphira began to struggle to get from from the Vet evil woman.
"I just need to weigh him." The evil vet woman said. Saphira was certain it was for food.
Suddenly he was placed on a cold metal table and froze. His Hooman's voice rang out.
"it's Okay buddy."
"11 oz. You've got a good healthy Dragon Mr..."
"HOOMAN!" Saphira ran across the table.
"You came back for me! I love you!"
"You silly Dragon."
The End

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I'm so saddened to hear this =(. I really enjoyed the Phira stories about his adventures with the hoom. I'm really glad you were able to give him such a happy life and were able to give him security and comfort at the end. He was one of the lucky dragons for sure.
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