Phira and the Parade (long)

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The lights came on as always at 7 am. The Hooman sleeps for a few more hours. Phira normally takes this time to think about the things beyond Hooman comprehension. Like Worms vs Crickets. But on this day, the Hooman was up and moving around before the fake sun illuminated the awesomeness that is Phira and awoke him from his Scary Dragon slumber.
Phira watched the Hooman slowly move about and drink the Coffee from the not favorite coffee cup.
"Good Morning my handsome Lizurd." The Hooman said. Then he vanished through the door. There was an air of excitement that Phira totally ignored. Today was a very important day for the Hooman. Well, not Important, but cool. It was the celebration of the town and stuff.
The Hooman returned about an hour later and smiled happily at Phira who was annoyed at the fact that the Hooman was touching him, let alone picking him up so early in the morning. Still, despite his protests the Hooman was too stupid to understand and Phira was forced on to his shoulder. Soon they hurried out the door and Phira was astounded.
Phira: Hooman what is this?
Me: It's all the people going to watch the Parade.
Phira: What's a Parade
Me: It's where humans watch things go down a street. It's kind of a celebratory thing to mark something of importance.
Phira: You've arranged this Parade for me!
Me: What!? No, I did not.
Phira: Silence Hooman. Take me to my other Hooman Hoomans.
Me: ... ... We have to go get Daisy.
Phira: The hell beast!? My Dog sister!? Never!
Me: <goes and gets Daisy>
Phira: One day you will suffer for your insubordination.
Me: <stink eye>
Phira: What did I say?
The Hooman starts the walk to the Parade route. Phira sets on his shoulder looking about happily at all the Hoomans moving about. The Hoomans awkward gate made the transit a little roughy But Phira didn't care. Then, they came around the corner, and Phira lost his <expletive> mind. Like lost it! Freaked the hoots out!
Phira: Hooman! Hooman! What's that?! What is that!? Ahhhhh! Hooman!
Me: Calm down it's just a horse. That's a police Horse.
Phira: I... wants... it! Take me to it nows!
Me: You can't have a horse.
Phira: I wants it! I needs to ride it into battle!
Me: What battle?
Phira: I'll make one!
Me: No horse.
Phira: HOOMAN!? Ahhhhhh!
Me. It's just a Balloon.
Phira. It eats me!
Me: it will not eat you. I promise. I won't let anything hurt you. You're my buddy.
Me: That's a Ford Model A.
Phira: B
Me: What
Phira: Duh the Alpahabet... Hooman it's Dr K! Hi Dr. K!
Dr. K: Oh hi!
Me: <much Hooman speak Phira didn't care to listen too.>
Phira: Horse! This is awesome Hooman! Thanks for the Parade.
Me: uh... You're so very welcome.
Random Woman: OMG! It's a lizard. Keep it away!
Me: Do we chase her down?
Phira: Totally.
Me: He's really sweet I promise.
Phira: <Opens mouth> Scary Dragon Mode Activated!!! Fear me Random Hooman Woman! Hell hound! Attack!
Me: *Sigh*


I have literally read every single one of these in one sitting.. THANKS so much these brighten my day so much haah..

You tell that scary dragon to stop back talking you ...
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