Peaches Got Her Wings

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Peaches came into my life at a time when I had just suffered the loss of our son Robert’s Dragon Nazdoramou in july of 2016. We had tried for three months to bring her back from several ailments but, fate was cruel and, she had to be laid to rest due to complications of those ailments. I could not watch her suffer.
After staring at that empty Viv for two weeks, I decided to get another dragon. We kicked around several names but Peaches was the final result She was one of three that were in the same viv together and, she was the only one with all her digits (she was the boss). This proved to be true when it came to our relationship.
She loved to cuddle and, really enjoyed her time with me on the patio soaking up the sun. She loved playing in the grass in the yard. She enjoyed going for little rides into town on my shoulder.
We became best buddies in a hurry and, when we weren’t outside or, setting in the living room watching TV, I would set in the dining room and keep her company while she was in her Viv plotting her next move.
She had a way of getting me to do the things that she wanted like, one day she kept running back and forth stopping and staring at the back wall up high then, looked at me then, the wall again. This went on for a good 45 minutes. Then it hit me!!!!!!! I went out to my shop and built her a shelf and put it up on the back wall and, bingo, that’s where she perched herself every day…..who knew??? HAPPY DRAGON
She did the same thing at feeding time, she would look down at her salad and, then at me, then at her salad and, so on until I got up and hand fed her her salad. Spoiled rotten!!!! My fault but, I was good with that.
Some of you know but, most don’t, my son Robert lost his 11 year battle with brain cancer on August 7th of 2017, he was 32 . Peaches became my happy place during my grieving process and, I don’t know how I could have gotten through it without her demanding little self.
Now a little over a year later, I have now lost her too. She died on my shoulder on October 1 2018, being cuddled the way she liked it, knowing she was loved. It was a great adventure Peaches, rest in peace sweety!!!
She will never be forgotten or replaced, she along with Robert will forever hold a special place in my heart.
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