Peach is Gravid - First Time... Some help needed if you could...


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Hello all!

So I have a gravid little lady. We aren't sure how long she's been gravid, because we were under the impression she was a he until a vet visit about 2 weeks ago. Since then I've made an effort to make sure I keep up on the usual - extra calcium, good diet and provided her with a good dig box I have seen her get into and out of (so I know she can).

She is not even a year old. This will be her first clutch, it will be infertile.

When I took her to the vet two weeks ago, she got an x-ray to confirm and the eggs looked... pretty well formed. However, she hasn't laid any yet. In fact, she wont even really go into her dig box.

My question is, however, related to activity.

Right now, she's laying in her cave. Her temps are okay, but she's been very lazy this morning. She got up when I got up - as usual - and I fed her. She seemed bright and alert, trundling along. But now, for the past few hours, every time I check on her (via a camera set up to watch her) she's just laying down flat on the ground with her head poking out of the cave. I can see her. And she looks ok. I just find the behaviour to be odd.

Does the laying down warrant a vet trip?

(Just as a note. I've never owned a lizard before whatsoever. Getting a bearded dragon was a nice challenge. But now we know he is a she and it adds a challenge I was not remotely prepared for. But I'm more than happy and willing to take on this challenge and be the best beardie owner I can be! Or at the very least, try!)


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Are you sure on her age?
Thats pretty young for egg.
As far as hiding, try moving the camera. One of my females would actually pull the liner up and hide under it to avoid the camera. I tried for about 3 week and no matter where I put it she would hide from it. My male would just always keep his back to the one i had pointed at him.
My cameras have the infrared for night time, i think they could see those

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As she shown any interest at all in the dig box? Do you happen to have a copy of the X-rays that you can post?

It's uncommon, but still possible for dragons to start producing eggs young. I had one just a year ago produce 3 batches of infertile eggs and she was only 10 months old.

That being said, egg production is very taxing, more so on a young and immature body. Make sure your husbandry is up to par and diet is good. Watch the stools for any signs of egg yolk.

Typically, they will get very energetic and frantically glass surf when they are wanting to lay.


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