Parasite Prevention for Immunosuppressed Dragon?


Hi I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for parasite prevention, like are there any feeders that are better than others that have lower parasites? Or are there any supplements that can help with parasite prevention? My beardie had ADV and he's totally helathy besides the fact he just keeps getting parasites (coccidia, pinworms, roundworms.)


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@Drache613 knows a lot about ADV and should be able to help you. Meanwhile, if you search previous posts, there is quite a bit of information available regarding ADV management. I'm not too knowledgable on this particular topic myself.. I know some supplements like milk thistle, bee pollen, and probiotics help with management but I don't know what if anything helps with recurrent parasites.

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I would think the main think is to keep living conditions clean and sanitized. Any surface that comes in contact with poop should be cleaned quickly and sanitized with a disinfectant like F10 or Rescue. I think the risk from bugs is minimal as long as the bugs are kept in sanitary conditions as well. Ordering things like black soldier fly larvae, silk worms, or horn worms would keep the bugs pretty well isolated. Crickets from a pet store could be a higher risk depending on how they are kept at the store. If you can build a roach colony, that would be a good way to isolate the feeders and control their diet and environment to keep them pretty low risk as well.

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