Palms/fingers irritated from digging (pics)


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Hey guys I'm just relaying what my vet told me that my Amber's palms/fingers are irritated from digging. He told me to monitor her and if she is pooping eating basking and drinking that she should be ok?

I will be honest I haven't tried manuka honey on her finger I was gonna make sure it was ok with the vet. I'm a helicopter parent and I can't change it it's just how I am 😅😁. I was hoping the irritation/cut would heal on its own since she isn't digging/nesting anymore which caused the irritation and cut in the first.

The very last pic was AFTER she laid her first clutch last month on the 13th


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She should heal, but reptiles heal a lot slower than mammals so it may take a little while.


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She should heal, but reptiles heal a lot slower than mammals so it may take a little while.
Hopefully though luck hasn't been on our side lately she basically had her first ever clutch then she shed a bit and her palm healed.

Then she had her 2nd clutch and it came back on both palms included a little cut along with it. I can't blame her for being a good mom and burrowing her eggs dealing with the pain from her abrasions

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