Owning more than one male beardie

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I was wondering how people who owned more than one beardie out there managed. I know housing them together is out but do you find the others get upset if they see a male out of his enclosure. Can you have one out in the same room as the other males enclosure?


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I have a male and a female pair. My female I've had since March of this year and she's still a juvie. My male is approximately 4 years old and I rescued him last month. On first sight he started head bobbing at Ember and she responded with waving. About a week later (now) he doesn't head bob *as much*, but he still wants her (which he'll never win that battle).

I think a male/male pair may be a bit worst with the head bobbing displays especially if they're both feeling dominant and territorial. It matters on their individual personalities.


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I have two males and a female. One male is going through puberty and is going nuts when he sees the female. Head bobbing and running around like a mad man. My youngest male just waves at both of them, he is very easy going. The female is the oldest and I rescued her last week. I just have one out at a time and each one gets lots of one on one attention.


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I have 2 males and 2 females. One of the boys bobs at everyone. The other only sometimes, depending on his mood. My smaller male has been less stressed and more active since I moved him to a different room from the other male, even though they could not see each other.


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I have a friend who needs to find a home for her male. I will have as peerage set up I just did not know if it would upset Odin to have another male in house.mi did not know if it would change their personality at all.
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