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Owner near SLC, UT needs a good vet!

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Hello, I live just north of Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a first time BD owner, and have had my baby bearded dragon for 6 months. He's recently started dragging his back legs. I am currently seeing a vet nearby, but am desperately wanting a second opinion. Can anyone help me? Does anyone know of any herpetologist vets in SLC? ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated by Drogon and myself! Thank you!


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Wow Cooper! That's where I am currently taking Drogon! Maybe I don't need a 2nd opinion then if they're that reputable!


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I've seen the results of Dr Folland and Dr Echols work on many rescue dragons (and other reptiles) and it's very impressive. I would trust their work and advice. You're lucky to be so close to an experienced reptile vet.
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