overweight beardie?


hmm, so chompy is roughly 22”-23” in length and weighs ~590 grams before a meal (fluctuates but 590 is avg). after eating, he’s anywhere from 615 to 630. google says this means he’s overweight, but to me he *feels* like a healthy weight, or could even stand to gain a few grams. is he overweight? or is he healthy?

key info: lives in a 120 gal tank w 150W heat light and 24W/22” 10.0 t5 reptisun uvb tube light. eats gut loaded crix & superworms daily to every other day, and eats dusted arugula and butternut squash daily. very active/energetic. sleeps maybe 10 hrs a night. loves cuddles. overall a very happy boy


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He is a good looking dragon. My male is 24 to 25 inches and clocks in at 942 grams (fluctuated a bit also). I have had him at the vet a couple times recently. I asked both times if he is obese, the vet said no both times. He has told me Zen is one of the better looking dragons he has seen in a while.

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There is something wrong with my beardies left eye!! I included a picture where it shows what her right eye looks like then the others are what her left eye is. She always has it closed (as much as she can) and she finally opened it for a bit when i misted her. I don’t know what i could be doing wrong and it’s not from sand because she doesn’t have it in her cage.
This is a message for all Bearded Dragon owners: do NOT feed your Dragon pellets! Feeding your Dragon pellets can cause SICKNESS and GREAT HARM! So please, do NOT feed your Dragon pellets!

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