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Hi all

Lemon is now coming up to 6 months old and absolutely thriving. A very much loved member of the family!

We live in the UK so weather has not been anywhere near decent enough to take him outside before now. We have had glorious sunshine and decent temperatures for the last 3 or 4 days now so have started venturing into the garden with Lemon to get him direct sunlight.

He has been understandably pretty nervous, pancaking when on the grass and only slightly less flat when on my lap or shoulder. He is not showing any aggression or fear as such other than losing his gorgeous yellow colour and becoming quite dark. No blackbearding though! He quickly regains his colour almost as soon as we come back inside.

I'm taking it slowly with him, only bringing him out for about 20 minutes max, and always in his harness and lead just in case he does get a fright. He hasn't so much as taken a single step yet though!

I suppose my question is, should I keep doing what I'm doing and hope that he gradually becomes more comfortable? I hate seeing him so nervous as he is a bundle of energy when inside.

Our plan is ultimately to set up a guinea pig run for him so he can spend more time outside with a safe space to run around and hides etc for when we're out in the garden. But only if he enjoys being outside!

Picture attached is him about an hour ago in the garden. He's now back in his viv and as yellow as anything!


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How does he act with the harness on inside? Mine didn't like the harness and much preferred being able to move freely while outside so I have a pop up play pen

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