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Im thinking of getting a pale, put holes in it and transfer my two Bds there early in the morning and put them under the heat of the sun for real UV feeding. What do you think of this? Btw, I am from the Philippines, a tropical country. It gets pretty hot here I myself get some morning sun once in awhile for some fresh dose of vitamin D's. Is this safe? I will leave them under the sun from around 6-8am. Then I will feed them afterward then Bath them after feeding.

I chose a pail so they wont be able to climb out, the pail will be on top of table wherein the legs will be on water containers to protect them from ants. Ants is a big problem here :-(


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Sorry for this weird idea, I tested it earlier this morning and it did not work. :shock:

I bought a small bird cage, this will be their basking cage instead up until my Mega-ray lamps arrive then I wouldn't need to bask them out anymore :)

I was way over my head when I bought this lolz! Its a good thing I didnt punch holes in it yet so I can just use it for cleaning the house instead :roll:


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just make sure they arent stuck in the sunlight. bearded dragons are cold blooded which means they need both warm and cool places for regulating body temps. if you put him outside in the sun for 2 hours you could come back and find him cooked. your better off ordering a Reptisun 10.0 online at this website:

if you do decide to continue bringing him outside, please make sure he gets shade too. as the sun moves across the sky the shade you set up for him might disappear and he could get too hot. just make sure its big enough for different temps :wink: .


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Thanks, I bought a cheap birdcage instead to ask them temporarily. I went ahead and ordered Mega-Ray 100 watts mercury lamp. Till that arrives, they will be basking for 15 mins early morning, then 15 mins after their bath. Is that time ok?


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i found this hamster or small animal cage at goodwill. $3 !! i dont have a pic of the whole thing. the wire comes off so i can have his sandpit by itself. i put a towell over one side for shade




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as simple at is, your towel trick is a very good idea. Will do that as well to my bird cage when I bask them :)
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