Our new baby Reki (bearded dragon) is missing!

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So glad you found the little guy. I was going to suggest checking the clothes hamper. My guy constantly will climb up the back of the clothes hamper and just stay there or climb into some piece of clothing. They are great hide and seek players.


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Yall! Im so excited that he is back!!!! He will never be left out by himself ever again! Lol! Thank you all so very much for your kind words! I wish I could post a picture for yall to see him!


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I am very happy that you found Reki then, they can sure worry us to death when they go
missing like that!
Maybe design a safe play area for him like you would a baby, to keep him from roaming too
far again.
You can post a picture here by clicking on the XIMG button, then upload your pictures to the
Image Gallery, then copy/paste the IMG to here.



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KarrieRee":22k8dl7r said:
Did you look in the couch? I had someone lose their dragon for a year and the dragon was in the couch

I should not be laughing, I don’t know why this is so funny. They really are masters at slowing their metabolism lol.


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Also I let Mari free roam my room 24/7 and have to hunt for her before bedtime. Once I left my door open and heard screaming from my sister’s room because Mari very proudly just came marching right into her room like an alligator and my sister is terrified of reptiles. ? anyways from my experience, they get into tight spaces even as adults and the basking spot trick barely works because once they get into a cool spot they will go to sleep and they can be asleep for months if you don’t wake them up yourself. I always have to manually put Mari back in her basking spot every morning because she will try to brumate otherwise. (I don’t believe in keeping animals in a cage or tank 24/7, they should have the freedom to roam as they would in the wild. If you can free-roam a tegu then you can free-roam a 2 foot long bearded dragon in a medium sized bedroom. Lol. Oh and Mari was confined to her enclosure as a juvie and I only started letting her free roam when she reached 20 inches and slowed way down as I wasn’t going to have a little lizard crawling under doorways. Even my cockatiel has free reign over the house.)


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I let Volcano free roam whenever I'm home but he usually climbs up into a window and just sits there all day looking out the window. If I leave him there he will fall asleep there. So much for exercise :lol:

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I just got done reading this. It reminds me of our first two (years ago) We left them in our bedroom and walked out - shutting the door after us - but the door didn't go all the way to the floor. Miss O just walked under the door. My husband fixed the door so they can't get under it anymore. Our current two = Rosie and Lil Squirt - love sitting in the window next to where their tanks are. Sometimes they will go to the corner of their tanks (two windows in the bedroom) and look outside. That gives them enough heat and the ability to look outside at the same time. We take them outside - and we stay with them. We have roadrunners the come on our land and they are NOT nice creatures. With our first two while I was at work (years ago) my husband had them in the tree well - he was watering it at the time - and a roadrunner came up and he stayed in between the roadrunner and our first two. It attacked him because he wouldn't let it near them.
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