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Well as some of you may know, my little boris past away, and don't worry. That did not discourage me from bearded dragons, I just now have a new respect for breeders who go through the extreme trouble of caring for babies.

Ozzy or Oscar will be my new beardie, or may I say dragon because this guy is only 4 months and at 16 inches, he is going to be a serious dragon haha.


(thanks rainbow dragons)


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Hi there...that is one great big boy ! I just wanted to offer a suggestion. You will save a lot of money by switching to the large superworms. He doesn't need small ones, if you want to just ask the breeder....there's no need to feed him anything small at his size. And 1,000 supers will last you much longer. All my adults can eat anywhere from 6 - 12 at a time, some a little more. So save yourself some money ! By the way, you can get all types of feeders from lindas gone buggy and you'll save on shipping by getting everything from one place. Oscar can eat full size hornworms as well.


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He's 7 months old! And yeah, he goes through 16 or more per feeding and a bowl of salad! He's a monster! Heres a few pics as updates, sorry, I've been so busy! One of the pictures was of him getting comfy next to me, he does that so often!

This pic was taken a few months ago.

And this one last week (Keep in mind this skate board is 27 inches long in all.

And this is oscar getting warm haha

These are just some other pics on my bed/bath.




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He sure is a big boy, and I have high expectations for my "lil buddy"

Here is Oscar's info if anyone cares too see it aswell.

Oscar-Hatch date 9-4-12
Crimson Red G.G. & Trans
Mom is a G.G 100% het for trans red
Dad is a Hypo 100% het for trans and huge (may carry G.G genes)

Got him 1/23/13

5 months- 17 1/2 inches (feb)

6 months- 19 inches (march)

7 months- 20ish inches (april)


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He's going to be as big or bigger than we all thought when you got him! Well done, he's so cute and looks so comfy. Love him on the skateboard, YEAH Oscar, you will truly be a giant. And I think I can see some GG in his snout, it very long and slim, which is what a GG's snout is like. And he still has 5 mo for the rest of his growth and could possibly grow more in his 2nd year!


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I sure hope he does, if, or when, he reaches over 25 inches, im going to start researching what was the biggest size for a bearded dragon lol, and ill post pics of him with the actual measurements.


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Also, idk if this is something for german giants, but sometimes, he would like almost become like a pancake lol, he would flatten himself out to the point where he is bigger then my whole hand! lol!


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Hi there! Oscar is absolutely beautiful! His colors are amazing and he is one BIG boy! I cant wait for my babies to get bigger so they aren't so fragile :roll:


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Oscar is literally a tank,lol. He really is the polar opposite of fragile,he will literlly run off my bed, which is decently high up, land and continue to walk around /w no issues. And then when I look at him like "wtf oscar" he gives me like his version of puppy dog eyes haha!


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that is so cute ... my babies are about 6-8 weeks old and it scares me sometimes when my 5yr old daughter takes her baby out because she puts him on her shirt and forgets hes there! lol
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