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Well as some of you may know, my little boris past away, and don't worry. That did not discourage me from bearded dragons, I just now have a new respect for breeders who go through the extreme trouble of caring for babies.

Ozzy or Oscar will be my new beardie, or may I say dragon because this guy is only 4 months and at 16 inches, he is going to be a serious dragon haha.


(thanks rainbow dragons)


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So sorry to read about baby Boris. :(
But I'm very excited for Versace and his wonderful new friend! ;)


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Oh that is good news, even though Boris was lost, you'll have a new beardie to love. He is beautiful and now you have the right set up for him already. I'm so glad you decided to take on Mr Versace! I'll be waiting for the 24th and you're right, he's going to be a big boy!


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Well he is no longer going to be named Mr Versace, I feel that he is more of a Oz. Yup its official his name will now be oz.

Update 1: He is now arriving on tuesday the 22nd.

Update 2: Here is a pic of his setup. (I may have to make the entrence to his hide bigger, I'll see.)



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Wow well I got my big guy today and let me tell you he is beautiful! He a solid 16+ inches and a big boy for only 4 months lol.
He ate a few crickets and some salad today. He just got here at 10:30 EST and now its 4:30. He's already pretty well acclimated. Let me tell you something, he took the BIGGEST POOP ever. It was just enormous and I know he is healthy and eating his greens apparently lol (green tint) it was probably the stinkiest poop I've ever smelt though haha...




(his tail and back legs are in shed)
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