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Hi all!

I've been wanting to get my boy an outdoor enclosure for him to be able to bask in the sun during the day. He has his tank indoors and is situated with his lighting and everything, but I like him to have time outside as well. I was originally planning to build one of the PCV DIY enclosures (pipes and mesh), but putting together the costs it seems like I can get something relatively the same size at the same cost.

I was wondering what kind of enclosures you all use if any? I found a rabbit hutch on Amazon for about $90 some dollars. He'd be able to go up and hide when he's done basking and he'd have room to move around as well. Figured I could buy a roll of reptile carpet (I forgot the name of it) or something similar for the bottom. What do you think?

Or would one of these work? I've seen a few pictures of beardies soaking in some sun in these kinds of pet pens :)

Another one

Any advice you guys have would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!


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I think that first one would be awesome, no need for carpet if your yard has not been sprayed with any type of pesticide or weed chemicals.


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Will you be in attendance of him at all times? The mesh cages would probably not stand up to preditors such as cats but otherwise seem fine. Might need to be weighted or staked down to avoid an airbirn lizard situation.

I like the rabbit hutch. Depending on where you live be mindful of fireflies. I haven't gone through with a outdoor cage yet since we have lots of fire flies and I've also found their larvae in my garden. If I do it will need to have a fine mesh, and meshed bottom.
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