Opinions on enclosure idea?

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The top doors are to hide the lighting and is going to have a steel mesh to be able to move them around as needed and the middle is the actual enclosure which if my calculations are correct it should be around 135 gallons for two beardies. What do y’all think?


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Hi Bowman, that looks good to me but then I have no talent for architecture or engineering at all. :) Sometimes keeping dragons together works out be be aware that there can be fighting so you'd definitely need to have a second set up available at all times. I raised females together for years with no problems [ one bitten tail once ] and my first 3 dragons [ 2 females + a male ] were in a 5' by 2.5' by 2.5' enclosure and never batted an eye at each other but lived long healthy lives. The females laid fertile eggs but I rarely even saw then breed. Still, if there is aggression you have to address it right away or just start off with separate enclosures.

BTW, have you seen the DIY + the enclosures forums here ? You'll see lots of good ideas on the DIY.


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That's a good size, but for one dragon. Even if two get along they will compete for resources such as basking spots and food. You would need space to create two full basking spots (about 20'' diameter each or more) along with hides and cooler areas. You''ll want to add good ventilation too. I would cut a side vent low on the cool side and high on the warm side. That will allow air to move through more easily through convection.


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What material are you planning to use? My viv is similar dimensions (36Hx24Wx48L usable space) made of 1/2” and 3/4” plywood and it is really heavy! Just something to think about.

You may need more lights than you realize, and also mess around with it a lot so having the lighting accessible is a huge benefit. I have 3 basking lamps, 1 24” T5HO UVB and 2 36” T5HO flourecent lights.


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That looks like a great enclosure, but make sure not to put two beardies in there. They are solitary creatures and forcing them to live together is an extremely risky situation.


I'd personally still try to keep just one in a tank at a time, but I know that's a controversial subject around here.

I like the design! I'm using an old hutch I got off of Craigslist for my enclosure. Have you looked into using a pre-existing piece of furniture? It might help with costs and time.
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