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I am confused about superworms being fed as sampler vs treat. The debate goes to the right and left. I recently stopped feeding crickets, too hard to maintain, die too fast, parasites, stinky. I switched to superworms & dubia roaches, low maintenance, live longer, don't stink. Speaking with another BD owner, he stated that nutritional value was subpar to crickets & roaches because of the fat content and I only should use as a treat. Also, calcium to phosphorus ratio was not in line with the BD needs. My BR eats superworms as his choice of insects. He's 7 months olds and can eat 10-15 in one meal plus (5) roaches with the morning feeding. I pulled up a nutrition chart to compare. Superworms have 18% fat while crickets & roaches have 7%, protein superworms 20%, crickets 20% and roaches 23%, fiber all (3) are 3%. For the calcium vs phosphorus I dust 3x per week with calcium and 2x per week I dust a vitamin supplement. The crickets I discontinued because he got parasites. He's free from them now.

My question is what's the right answer? When I purchased the BD from a full-time breeder he said don't feed him romaine lettuce. In reading the forum many owner feed that type but not iceberg. Seems everyone has an opinion either way for everything involving the BD. Can someone either vet, vet assistant, or knowledgeable owner lay this to rest for me?
p.s. new first time owner for only (4) months


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This was discussed recently on this thread:


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This was discussed recently on this thread:

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