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Hi, I hope everyone is well. I got Mad Sweeney about a month ago and he has started opening his mouth in a strange way. It is not a constant thing... he can open his mouth fully, eats normally (when he decides to eat) and thermoregulates in a 'normal' mouth position.

I've attached a picture of him doing it just as he's about to nod off. Any ideas on why??

I'm planning a trip to the vets with him for a general check up.... But this will only be in a fortnight, as I've only just got him insured and they don't cover anything in the first 14 days. 😡😡

He's not eaten much since I've got him, but his weight hasn't dropped (he's about 540g), he started shedding on his leg last weekend, but nothing since, he's lively, seems hydrated enough (water through a syringe and skin pinch tested), poops fine and bright eyed. He can be a bit of a knob at times, but can't we all. 🤔😄

Also, if anyone gets a chance, could you please have a quick look at the setup and see if anything needs changing. Temps and UVB levels are good... I'm not too happy about the basking light being so close to the basking spot, but it's on a thermostat and doesn't seem to be bothering him.

Thanks for all your help in advance, I hope you and all your scaly puppies are doing well. I don't think I've wrote this much since I was at school!! 😄😄



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