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hey everyone :)
ok ... so, i was wondering if anyone has ever expirienced this ... i did see it in a topic search i did, but not much info was on there.
Blue has been brumating since ABOUT the first week of November. Yup, she is under a year at about 9 months, and brumating which im kinda finding to not be super wierd as much as i thought it was after looking around the forum.

Her pattern over the last month has been ... sleep for 4 days, wake her up for one day for a warm water soak, a poop, and greens. she has no interest in her dubia or supers right now. she will eat a little sliver of apple and about 10 bites of collard greens, then opens her mouth momentarily ... its not thermo-regulating or gaping like to release heat ... and she isnt showing any RI symptoms like hissing when she does it, or bubbling from her mouth, none of that ... im not ruling an RI out, but, from everyone elses description of an RI ... doesnt seem to match up. but and she only does it right after she eats her greens.
to me ... it seems like she has slowed down so much, naturally, with her brumation, that it looks and seems like its her way of kind of moving the food down her throat b/c she hasnt been her normal pigging out self. its almost like a little burp or something, or like a swallow ... she doesnt do it any other time when she is awake or asleep. just the few moments when she is getting her greens down between bites/after she is done chewing them. it reminds of when someone bites off more than they are ready to chew, so they make a funny face or open there mouth a little bit like "errrrrrrrrrrm ... there."

its like ... she's working out her mouth or something, she hasnt been using it all ya know during brumation b/c she has been sleeping. its like oh hey ... im kinda still asleep and havent really used my mouth and throat and tummy ... i dont know. does that make any sense? its just what it seems like to me, but ive just never seen her do it before ... so i am kinda curious
her ser-up is:
48x20x18 wooden
tile substrate
100 - 102 degree basking spot (60 watt household bulb mounted inside)
80 - 85 degree cool side
10.0 repti-sun linear tube (mounted inside)
temps are taken with two digital thermometers as well as a temp gun for backup
diet before brumation was as many dubia as she wanted to take two times a day, sometimes supers, sometime butterworms
wasnt much of a veggie eater before brumation (now that is all she wants)
humidity is usually staying at 28% - 31%
can get within 5 inches of repti-sun
hydration was daily baths before brumation, now its one-two baths a week
normal poops, normal urate
16 inches
dont have a weight on her ... she's a bit of a pudge though ... no actual noticeable weight loss during brumation ... still has buddha belly
clear eyes, nose, pink mouth/tounge
hmmmmm, what else...i think that is all
as far as i know, Blue is just healthy beardie that did go into a brumation under one year. its just the wierd little thing she is doing with her mouth after taking a few bites of food.
so odd and i dont know what it is ... any thoughts?
thank you so much!
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